Described as the Hermes of skincare, this exclusive line of facial treatments is sure to change the way you look at your skin. The treatment begins with an assessment of your “skin instant”.  Your skins needs will change with what is going on in your life at any given time. After a proper assessment of your skin  your customized BR facial will begin with a relaxing welcoming cleanse to relax the body and mind and cleanse the skin.Next “lifting” process begins with customized treatments, serums and masks that incorporate high concentrations of marine, botanical, and bio-technical extracts. Our skin care therapists are highly trained in the specialized massage technique that takes place. The therapist will manipulate the skin in fluid movements, giving you lifting, firming,hydrating and nourishing results.  A truly customized and unique experience every visit.
Biologique believes that to achieve your skins best potential you cannot be on one treatment for a lifetime. This is not going to provide your skin with the right tools to be the best that your skin can be.  Our highly trained therapists will be able to prescribe the proper skincare regime for your use at home between salon visits.

*For long term results, it is recommended to use the Biologique Recherche line of products (dubbed a raw-food diet for your skin) and to maintain a regular schedule of facial treatments depending on the condition of your epidermis.


Designed to treat the effects of acne, sun exposure, aging as well as other internal and external factors. This treatment features radiance enhancing diamond tome microdermabrasion which is crystal free. The diamond tip gently exfoliates and boost the skin’s vitality giving immediate glowing results. This process removes dead and flaking skin cells in order to improve a wide range of skin abnormalities and promote a more youthful appearance. It also helps aid in the absorption of any topical treatments that are applied after the microdermabrasion .




For younger, brighter, revitalized looking skin, a Bio2 Oxygen Facial gives your face a new lease on life. Bio2 cosmicuticals  unique double-action formulation allows hyaluronic layering serums to be deeply infused into the skin by the use of pure oxygen mist. The concentrated serum boosters are infused into the skin to brighten, purify and hydrate the face.

$155 as a facial treatment      $75.00 as an add on to another treatment

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Services Price As Addon
Advanced Facial Treatments $185 - $240  
Microdermabrasion Facial $125  
Bio2 Oxygen Facial Treatment 155 75



*Please note that we require full charge for services cancelled with less than 24 hours notice